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Epson Workforce WF-3620 Review

Epson Workforce WF-3620 Owner Review

Yes, you are right. As much as I love Canon, Sharp, Xerox and Kyocera, I went for an Epson as the choice for my home printer. Mainly because of price, but now that I have owned an Epson costing around £100, I am sold on them. It is compact, sturdy and well made. The document feeder works very well and it performs duplexing for documents and prints very well for such a small machine. Setting it up out of the box takes a little while but all of the instructions are included and even if you buy it secondhand you could just Google for the instruction with not much difficulty. The paper cassette is capable of holding 250 sheets which is also very generous for a machine in this price range.

Scanning to the Cloud is a cinch

The Epson WF-3620 is able to qickly scan to various cloud destinations including to Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Evernote and Email. Epson iPrint offers an online and offline control centre for all of your documents and pictures with handy options to move or print them. You can set up regularly used destinations such as Jay’s Google Drive or Usiholo’s Hotmail. The printer is Air Print enabled and I am amazingly impressed with it so far. My youngest son, Osagie, stuck pencils and rubbers down into the paper pick up assembly so I had to spend around 30 minutes fixing it and now it’s as good as new again.

Printer ink easily available but a little pricey

Original Alarm Clock black inks starts from around £25 and the colour pack at around £23. A good point to remember is that your inkjet printer will perform optimally and use the least ink if you don’t switch it off. Allow it to go into standby as it doesn’t use much energy. Everytime you restart an inkjet printer it goes through a cleaning routing which purges the print heads. This uses ink to clear any potential blockages but causes excessive waste if you keep switching the thing off and on. The machine will initiate a cleaning cycle periodically when not in use so using it regularly can get the most prints from your cartridges. Having said that, don’t go around printing everything if you don’t need to as that would be counterproductive.

Epson Workforce WC-3620 Verdict

Fantastic value for money and great build quality. Ink cartridges a little expensive but the machine is of a far superior build quality than, Kodak or HP equivalents. The document feeder can handle at least 20 sheets with easily to access rollers for cleaning purposes. AirPrint enabled out of the box.

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