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Sharp MX-2640 Error Code F2-40 | Solution

Sharp MX-2640 Error Code F2-40 | Solution

Actual Scenario:

Customer complains that copies and prints are displaying feint bands across the print direction and then, all of a sudden, the error code L2-40 is displayed and the machine cannot be used. Even if there are no feint banding issues this error code can suddenly appear. What does the service manual say about this error code?

Mx-2640 service manual comments: F2-40 – Toner empty sensor trouble (K) – Black

This suggests that the toner supply is not reaching a specific level of supply after various tests are performed. At first one could locate the relevant shutters and check to ensure there are no blockages either in the toner cartridge, developer assembly or the machine. All appeared fine.

Error F2-40 Cause: In this instance it appeared that the cover for the black drum assembly had been incorrectly fitted so that the mylar sheet was caught under the charge grid wire which caused it to come in direct contact with the OPC drum, causing a short. It’s not easy to notice without a close look since the mylar guide is transparent and may look perfectly fine. Look closely at the pictures below:

My finger is pointing to where the clear plastic mylar attached to the black cover had caught under the edge of the grid wire which pushed it up against the drum causing hell to break loose. The build up of toner you can see better to the right caused the feint banding and you will also notice the excessive toner trapped on the cleaning blade just behind the grid wire in the example to the right.

The excess toner stuck to the grid wire and cleaning blade had also damaged the surface of the drum as a result and you may just be able to see in the picture below:

How to remedy Error F2-40 on the Sharp MX-2640

Well, your drum is probably damaged and your grid wire too. If not and if you do not have the parts there and then you could try cleaning the grid wire and making sure the mylar is not trapped by gently running your finger behind it to make sure it is over and not under the grid wire. In our case, the consequence was that the developer had seriously depleted due to the excessive discharge and the feint bands could be seen directly on the mag roller. I replaced the following parts:

Black Developer – Part Number: 36GVBA
Cleaning Blade and Charger Kit – Part Number: MX-230MK
Drum Unit – Part Number: 36GRSA

Download the Sharp MX-2640 Service Manual

Download the Sharp MX-2640 parts manual.